Create 3D Models

“Now more than ever, it is vital that all of us understand the importance of how to Create 3D Models with 3D Printing, Coding, Virtual and Augmented Reality. Those of us who can teach need to be conversant in these skills. Young learners are depending on us to help them comprehend their world and thrive in it. We can’t afford to leave anyone behind.”

– Janalyn Peppel, Founder Create 3D Models

THANK YOU! We need this type of professional development. This is our future reality. We can’t become obsolete in our classrooms

K-12 STEM Educator

This training has been awesome and so helpful!

K-12 STEM Educator

After seeing how you Create 3D Models my 8yo daughter wants to try!

K-12 STEM Educator

Design and Technical Services Since 1998

Janalyn’s team of research assistance and educators draw from national resources of program design and 3d adaptive equipment configuration to assure that workshop participants receive the fundamental skills to be comfortable and confident in the basics of new technology. 

Teachers, after-school providers, librarians, artists, retired citizens, veterans, special education specialists and education administrators have praised her presentations and workshops from Maine to Florida.

Now I’ll be able to incorporate 3D Printing and VR into my lessons. Everything from Math to ELA.

K-12 STEM Educator

Until today my printer was used more as a paper weight.  I’m going to start using my 3D printer right away”


K-12 STEM Educator