Create 3D Models

3D Printing, Virtual-Augmented Reality & Coding.

Basic Technology for Teaching

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3D Printing

Educating teachers, students, parents and after-school providers. 

Creating sustainable programs including computer-aided design (CAD), equipment installation, setup and training.  


Virtual and Augmented Reality

Impacting students with unforgettable content that educators can confidently deliver using simple common core lesson plans.

VR hardware and 3D/AR software resources.



Encouraging educators as they comfortably acquire the simple skills to present fun and exciting coding lessons.

Teaching accessible and free technology that supports common core.


“As an organization we want to help students feel empowered and not shy away from new technologies, we look for programming that can allow children to actively engage in positive ways with technology, Create 3D Models’ program ticked all those boxes. C3D also gave me as an educator the support and encouragement to try new programs and not be afraid of new technologies.”

Summer Camp Administrator

“This was such a high interest, self-esteem building experience. One 3rd grade student with Autism has quite a gift for coding and seeing projects through to fruition. We never would have known this if not for Create 3D Models program. We do not have art or music classes at our Alternative School, and have never tried to approach coding with our students.”

K-5 Teacher, Alternative School

“One of our children has been told all her life she would never learn. She came out of her shell because of C3D’s devotion to spending extra time with this student. The student won 1st place in an International contest. She made the front page on our local paper. Our entire school, k-12, was Showcased on two News Channels”

K-5 Teacher, Students with Disabilities

“Having Create 3D Models expose our students to this new technology was legendary for us. It was a unique introduction to 3-D printing and virtual reality. Our students have probably never heard of 3-D printing, and definitely have never seen it in progress. In fact, none of our adults had seen a 3-D printer work it’s magic either!”

K-5 Teacher, Alternative School